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Hydra Vegan Detox Conditioner

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DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL GROOMERS: Bring a lavish experience home or to the salon with our vegan conditioner for dogs and cats. Our spa-grade wash designed for all breeds helps cleanse the coat to promote healthy growth with brilliant shine.
MADE WITH HYDRATING COCONUT OIL: Our vegan cat and dog conditioner provides deep-conditioning action, adding luster for a vibrant appearance. Plus, it offers protection against heat damage from dryers and reduces protein loss to promote a strong coat.
SALON-GRADE FORMULA: We carefully formulate every ingredient in our top-quality pet products. Our dog and cat conditioner is made with matcha and ginger extracts to balance oily skin. It also promotes collagen and elastin production, making skin firmer.
QUICK & EASY TO USE: Dilute this conditioner in 4 parts of water. To use, massage our kitten and puppy conditioner evenly on your pet’s wet coat in the direction of coat growth until evenly applied. Rinse your pet’s coat thoroughly and dry them off.
HYDRA BY PET SOCIETY: At Hydra, we take pride in formulating salon-grade grooming supplies designed to help your pet’s well-being in the comfort of your home. Our gentle products are made to enhance your pet’s bathing routine and provide the utmost care.

Introducing the Hydra Vegan Detox cat and dog coconut-oil conditioner, designed to elevate your pet’s bathing routine and maintain their coat in between grooming appointments. This salon-grade formula is quick and easy to rinse, making bath time enjoyable for both you and your pet. Our gentle conditioner has a soothing formula suitable for all breeds and coat types.

Our pet-care conditioner is made with matcha and ginger extracts to effectively cleanse your pet’s skin by eliminating excess oil, dirt, and product buildup while adding shine. These powerful ingredients also purify the skin by drawing out excess oil, leaving your pet looking fresh and clean. Additionally, the ginger extract in this vegan conditioner helps improve skin circulation, ensuring that essential nutrients and oxygen reach the coat follicles for optimal coat health. Our high-quality cat- and dog-wash formula contains coconut oil to provide intense moisturizing action and promote collagen and elastin production for healthy skin.

To use, dilute the Hydra Vegan Detox Conditioner in 4 parts of water. Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply a small amount of conditioner, spreading it throughout the coat and massaging in the direction of coat growth until evenly applied. Rinse thoroughly. Not only does the Hydra Vegan Detox Conditioner provide a soothing salon experience at home, but it also helps strengthen the bond between you and your pet, as grooming your pet is an excellent way to form a deeper emotional connection with them. Enjoy spending time with your pet while they get pampered.

Hydra is dedicated to formulating salon-grade grooming accessories designed to help you maintain your pet’s coat in the comfort of your home. We make our gentle products by researching top-quality ingredients and cosmetic formulations to provide exclusive, innovative, safe, and effective solutions for industry professionals and pet owners across the globe.