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Hydra Expert Grooming Powder

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Hydra Expert is a professional line, specially created for Handlers and Groomers, to offer premium results in dog shows and competitions.

The Hydra Expert Grooming Powder has a dry touch effect that minimizes oil in the coat, promoting enhanced grip and texture, and aiding in the removal of the coat during the hand-stripping process. Indicated for hand-stripping and plucking procedures, as well as creating a texture for the head and face area.

Directions: Topical use. Apply the Hydra Expert Grooming Powder to the coat and proceed to the hand-stripping or plucking procedure. For texturizing mix a small amount of powder with a bonding agent like cholesterol or a conditioner (Hydra Intense Repair Volumizing Mask) and apply to the area you wish to achieve additional texture.