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Hydra Flash Thermo-Active Deep Conditioner

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COAT MAINTENANCE: Our professional pet conditioner is designed for pet groomers. The salon-grade thermo-active formula creates high-performance results and has a signature fragrance. Shine bright with Hydra.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Our pet conditioner for dogs and cats will revitalize your pet's coat, leaving it hydrated and with a natural shine. It features collagen and argan, sesame, and coconut oils. These ingredients boost moisture and reduce frizz.

SAFETY FIRST: Our private facilities manufacture and test during every step of production. We source the safest, most effective ingredients and quality test products before they leave our facilities. Feel assured that your pet is using only the best.

STRESS-FREE: Easy rinse and fast-drying formulas reduce the time spent bathing and drying, making for a quick and stress-free bathing experience.

QUICK PROTECTION & REPAIR: This moisturizing, deep-conditioning hair mask works in only 90 seconds. Its thermo-protective formula also helps to prevent heat damage caused by hair dryers. Pair it with our thermo-active spray for optimal results.

USAGE: Apply product directly to coat and massage thoroughly until evenly applied. Let rest for 90 seconds and then rinse thoroughly. For best results massage products in hands to emulsify and make easier to spread.