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Hydra Soft Touch Moisturizing Spray

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GENTLE CAT & DOG SPRAY: Created for groomers, the Hydra Soft-Touch Spray is gentle enough for daily use. This salon-grade spray for animals is made from safe, high-quality ingredients that leave your kitten or puppy fresh and clean with silky fur.

PET GROOMING SPRAY: Our dog and cat spray is perfect for reducing static and frizz for a long-lasting show-ready look for your pet. This hydrating formula targets cracks within individual strands of hair to help promote healthy coat growth.

TOP-QUALITY FORMULA: This kitten and puppy spray has a premium blend of vegetable keratin, detangling panthenol, and lactic acid for a spa-quality finish and shiny coat. It is safe for daily use on sensitive skin.

QUICK & EASY: Prevent matting and boost coat moisture with our finishing spray for dogs and cats that works to improve and smooth fur texture. To use, spray it evenly on the coat's surface after your pet’s bath, massage it in, and dry your pet.

SAFETY FIRST: Our private facilities manufacture and test during every step of production. We source the safest, most-effective ingredients and quality-test products before they leave our facilities. Feel assured that your pet is using only the best.

Whether you want a fresh-from-the-groomer feeling for your pet or you are a professional groomer, our Hydra Soft-Touch soothing pet finishing spray is a great addition to your pet's bathing supplies and accessories. This pet spray for cats and dogs contains salon-grade ingredients that are safe for pet skin and hair, leaving your pet’s fur shiny, soft, and hydrated. You will be jealous that you can’t buy the same products for yourself!

Our daily-use spray pets love can be used on all pets of all ages with long or thick hair. The special blend contains vegetable keratin that assists in repairing and enhancing your furry friend's coat while preventing knot development. The panthenol locks in moisture and builds volume, while the lactic acid reseals cuticles and acts as a static and frizz remover. Help promote healthy hair growth with our premium grooming spray. To use, simply wash your pet, spray the product evenly on their coat's surface, massage it in, then dry off your animal as usual.

Hydra Professional offers professional shampoo for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. Hydra uses salon-grade materials and ingredients that are sourced and created with the same standards of safety found in human-grade skin and haircare products. Our products are salt-free, so they won’t cause dryness in the skin or coat. Hydra Professional offers products for specialized services and coat enhancement, including restructuring keratin treatments, deep-conditioning hair masks, color enhancement, and more.